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Photoshoot Production

Over my time as art director, I've helped manage and produce over 600 shoots while managing social media updates. I… Read More

Readership Connection

Two of my favorite readership submission contests at AFM are the Fittest Dogs and Social Media Swimsuit contests. This shows… Read More

2014 X Games Austin BMX Vert photo by Brian Fitzsimmons
2014 X Games Austin Coverage

Austin Fit Magazine assigned our editor Leah Fisher Nyfeler, assistant editor Natalie England, our photographer Brian Fitzsimmons, and me to… Read More


“Weston is a multi-faceted talent for Austin’s premier fitness publication. I had a wonderful time with my wife and the AF staff for the body weight photo shoot and it was a high quality product. Not only does he maintain Austin Fit’s meticulous graphic design and photography, he has a keen sense for the importance of a brand’s online presence.

He successfully drives interest to Austin Fit magazine with his wit and ability to react to community chatter. One of the most important roles of a social media manager is reacting to the luke warm and/or negative reception to the moves of their company. I know from experience that few can diffuse a situation, like this, better than Weston.

I look forward to working with Weston in the future. He’s a professional that helps to bolster a great media and social presence. He’s certainly valued as a business partner.”

Web Smith

Web Smith

Building at Uncrate

“Weston is a highly organized and intelligent art director. He consistently constructs an aesthetically pleasing and seamless product all while promoting a positive culture in the workplace.”

Matthew Salmi

Matthew Salmi

Independent Contractor at Ladder Up Media

“As a freelance photographer that provides services to a variety of publications, websites, and demanding clients, I get to work with a wide spectrum of colleagues. When it comes to people who manage the relationship between assignment, content, production, and delivery, Weston is at the top of my list. He’s easy to work with, has reasonable expectations, and maintains effective lines of communication. In a world of content providers and publications, I can happily state that you’d be happy to work with Weston.”

Kurt Bradley

Kurt Bradley

Startup Builder / Motorsports Photographer


Social Media Management

Bring your community to life with posts designed specifically for any social media channel.

Print Design

Over 8 years of print design experience, produced over 100 publications, from business cards to 116-page magazines.

Website Building

Get noticed with customized HTML5 and WordPress themed websites.

Custom Design

Summertime in Austin gets hot so I’ve created custom wedding fans. The fans had the wedding information with personal touches. Whether it’s for a wedding or business marketing materials, I’ll deliver on time.

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